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'ALLO 'ALLO! UK© BBC (1984-1992)       Are You Being Served? UK© BBC (1972-1985)
Come On Get Happy  The Partridge Family Story USA© Columbia Tristar (1999)   Degrassi Junior High CAN© PWT (1986-1988)
Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone UK© WBP (2001)   Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets UK© WBP (2002)
Harry Potter & Co   UK© WBP (2002)   Official Gabriel Thomson   The Picure Gallery
Keeping Up Appearances UK© BBC (1990-1995)   Kyle XY USA© ABC/DISNEY (2006-2007)
My Family UK© BBC (2000-200?)   Tea With Mussolini UK/I© Film & General Prod. (1999)
The Moffatts  © ZDF, GIGA.de (2001)   WHAT A CARRY ON UK© BBC (1984)
Worst Of   You Can't Do That On Television CAN© CPI (1989)   You Can't Do That On Television CAN© CPI (1979-1990)
Young Justin Timberlake USA©  (1993)     
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