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For our recipe we use the following:

Cornflour (or other food thickener)
shaving cream
food colouring/poster paints
Get a bowl of hot water and gently stir in the cornflour until the water turns milky white ass salt as this helps with the reaction process. Take the bowl of water and place in microwave for around 1 min. The mixture should then go thick, put in the microwave for longer if you want a thicker mixture. BUT LET IT COOL!
Add in the food colouring or poster powder paints to act as colouring (poster powder paints are easier to remove from clothes than normal food colouring) and there you go, a lovely thick mixture made of natural products.
The shaving foam is optional as we use it to make the slime less transparent as it turns it more whiter when it comes straight out of the microwave and therefore looks better on TV. Add the shaving foam before the colouring and after it comes out of the microwave.
Repeat the above steps for as long needed.
Peter from the UK

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